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Embargo Policy for DPS Meetings
  • When meeting abstracts are available publicly, either electronically or in print, they are not embargoed.
  • Abstracts reflect the situation at the time of submission and often do not correspond exactly to the paper that is ultimately presented, usually months later. Reporters should note that preparing a story based exclusively on an abstract is ill-advised
  • Some results to be presented at DPS meetings are also the subject of papers whose manuscripts are available via preprint servers such as arXiv.org or that have already been published in scholarly journals. Such publicly available results are not embargoed.
  • Interviews with presenters, as well as graphics, animations, and other information to be presented for the first time at the meeting, are embargoed until the time of presentation, where “time of presentation” means the start time of the oral or poster session in which the paper will be given, or the start time of the corresponding press conference (if any), whichever comes first.
  • For more information, see http://aas.org/press/embargo_policy.

  • 44th DPS Program published in BAAS volume 44 #5.