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Title Dust Ejected From Asteroid P/2010 A2
Author Block Jessica Agarwal1, D. Jewitt2, H. Weaver3, M. Mutchler4, M. Drahus2
1European Space Research and Technology Centre, Netherlands, 2University of California, 3The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, 4Space Telescope Science Institute.
Special Instructions This abstract is closely related to that submitted by David Jewitt on asteroid P/2010 A2, and would therefore ideally be scheduled directly or closely after the one by Jewitt.
Abstract We present measurements and dynamical models of the dust tail of the unusual inner-belt asteroid P/2010 A2. The observed tail consists of particles larger than 1mm moving under the combined action of solar gravity and radiation pressure. The particles originated from filaments near the nucleus that consist of cm- to m-sized boulders and that were themselves emitted from the nucleus upon its earlier disruption. We derive the dust size distribution from the surface brightness as a function of distance from the nucleus. For grains smaller than about 10mm, the differential size distribution can be described by a power-law with an exponent of -3.3 +/- 0.2. The displacement of the boulders perpendicular to the orbital plane is consistent with a vertical component of the relative velocity of less than 0.2 m/s. The time evolution of this distance confirms the emission date (early 2009) derived independently from measurements of the tail position angle.
This work is based on images made with the HST/WFC3.

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42nd DPS Program published in BAAS volume 42 #4, 2010.