Session Detail

Working in Science Policy
Special Session
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Ballroom G
The goal of the panel is to encourage intelligent and enthusiastic astronomers into the field of public policy. The panel will focus on how to transition from a career in astronomy to a career in science policy and how to make communicating with policy makers a part of your career.
Transitioning into the world of public policy from astronomy is a unique experience for each individual. There is no certain path one must take from your current career to Capitol Hill. Each panelist will tell their story on how they made the transition from astronomer to public policy and why they were motivated to pursue this type of career. The panelist range in experience, career stage, and method of transition to illustrate the different ways to success. More scientists are entering a career in public policy, however the role of the public scientist communicating with policy makers is still very important.

Panelist include: Dr. Bethany Johns, the AAS Johns Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
Dr. Nicholas Suntzeff, Jefferson Senior Science Fellow & Humanitarian Affairs Officer
Dr. Carol Christian, Deputy of the Community Missions Office, Division of STScI
Dr. Marcos Huerta, Special Assistant, Office of the Director, Office of Science at the Department of Energy
Bethany Johns1