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The Astrophysics Postdoc Job Market
Special Session
Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012, 10:00 AM -11:30 AM
Ballroom G
The AAS Employment Committee will host a panel discussion on current issues related to the postdoc job market. Part of the discussion will likely focus on the recent proliferation of postdoc-type positions, including fellowships, without any corresponding growth in potentially permanent academic positions, and on the associated dramatic increase in the duration of the postdoc career stage for many astronomers. The goals of the session are: (1) to provide information to the community based on the personal experiences of successful young astronomers who have recently transitioned to tenure-track or other potentially permanent academic positions, or have gone on to non-academic career tracks; (2) to provide the perspective from an employer's point of view (e.g., those running postdoctoral fellowship programs); and (3) to promote discussion about possible changes to employment, recruitment and hiring practices impacting postdocs, and how these changes could be implemented. We encourage both junior and senior AAS members to attend and share their experiences and opinions.
Frederic A. Rasio1
1Northwestern Univ..

306.00C. Chair
Frederic A. Rasio1
1Northwestern Univ..