Session Detail

Careers 101: Career Planning Workshop for Graduate Students and Postdocs
Monday, Jan 09, 2012, 8:00 AM -10:00 AM
Room 9BC
This workshop will focus on the current and expanding crisis in the job and career market for astronomers. Specifically targeted towards graduate students and Postdocs, this workshop will identify and investigate the shortage of traditional astronomy jobs, and how early-career scientists can best prepare for this challenge. Our focus will be on career planning for traditional astronomy positions. We will demonstrate how to orchestrate a personal career plan and develop a Plan B and Plan C for contingencies. We will discuss what early-career astronomers should do now to enhance their CVs and research reputations, and what they should look for in and how they can leverage a Postdoc appointment to that can set themselves up for success in the field. Representatives from some of the major Postdoc Fellowship Programs will contribute tot he session. Q and A with workshop participants will be highly encouraged.

Please see “Recovering from Postdoc Mistakes,” Science Magazine, March 3, 2011, for a reference on some of the topics we will discuss.

This workshop is offered in conjunction with Careers 201: Career Leadership Workshop. Participants will benefit from attending both, but can also take each independently.
Alaina Levine1
1Quantum Success Solutions.

Dawn M. Gelino1
1NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, Caltech.