Session Detail

Session Number: 029
Session Title: Market Watch: Not All Telehealth Markets are Equal
Session Date/Time Monday, May 06, 2013, 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Session Location: Ballroom E
Session Description: While all telehealth opportunities have a place in the future of healthcare, increasingly distinct markets are forming within this emergent industry with some growing faster than others. These markets possess a unique mixture of collaboration and distinctive market needs. Please join us for a forum consisting of representatives from each of the major telehealth verticals to assess the current state of telehealth and what is in store for its future. Frost and Sullivan will be presenting its findings on the current state of the industry along with representatives from remote monitoring, video telemedicine, mHealth, and aging in place, and will be discussing key differences and similarities between these top market verticals concerning challenges, business models, and future growth.
Moderator and Presenters:

Daniel Ruppar, Global Program Manager, Connected Health.
Frost & Sullivan, San Antonio, TX.


James Pursley, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.
Intel-GE Care Innovations, Roseville, CA, USA.


John Bojanowski, President.
Honeywell HomMed, Brookfield, WI, USA.


Amnon Gavish, Senior Vice President - Vertical Solutions.
Vidyo, Hackensack, NJ, USA.


Anthony Shimkin, Senior Director, Marketing.
Qualcomm Life, San Diego, CA, USA.

Barbara W. Casey, Executive Director, Healthcare.
Cisco Systems, Nashville, TN, USA.


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