Presentation Abstract

Presentation Number 242.27
Presentation Time: Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011, 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Title Calculating Luminosities for a Large Sample of Brown Dwarfs
Author Block Frank Stabile1, K. Allers2
1Fordham University, 2Bucknell University.
Abstract We set out to expand the number of brown dwarfs with calculated luminosities and bolometric corrections. We chose our sample by collecting published near infrared spectra of brown dwarfs from the Spex Prism Library. The sample is predominantly L and T type dwarfs, although some M dwarfs have been included. These spectral energy distributions were extended to optical wavelengths using SDSS photometry or published optical spectra. Similarly, the spectra were extended out to longer wavelengths using Spitzer photometry and published spectra. The spectrum for each object covers a range from roughly 0.6 microns to 15 microns. In the cases where the photometry was not available, we developed a robust method to approximate missing data utilizing both the published spectral types of the objects as well as their NIR colors. Our initial results with an expanded sample fit well with previously published work.