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Presentation Number 243.32
Presentation Time: Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012, 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Title Multi-wavelength Analysis of Three Blazars
Author Block Meridith Joyce1, K. B. Marshall2, M. R. Halford3, H. Aller4, M. Aller4
1Bucknell University, 2Widener University, 3Cornell University, 4University of Michigan.
Abstract Blazars are among the most powerful objects in the universe, demonstrating large-amplitude variability on short time scales and strong emission at all wavelengths. This project analyzes the behavior of three blazars: PKS 1510-089, 3C 454.3, and 3C 273. By constructing lightcurves for their radio, optical, X-ray, and gamma-ray bands and applying a discrete correlation function, or DCF, we were able to find correlations in the patterns of their emission, leading to physical insights which allowed us to consider possible models for these objects. Results include the detection of simultaneous flaring between the optical and gamma-ray bands of PKS 1510-089 as well as 3C 454.3.Other significant correlations were also found, lagged in some cases and simultaneous in others. The results of the correlation analysis support a physical model involving the synchrotron self-Compton (SSC) process for two of the three objects.