Presentation Abstract

Presentation Number 228.07
Presentation Time: Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012, 3:20 PM - 3:30 PM
Title The TERMS Project: More Than Just Transit Exclusion
Author Block Stephen R. Kane1, Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey(TERMS)
1NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, Caltech.
Abstract The field of exoplanets has rapidly expanded from the exclusivity of exoplanet detection to include exoplanet characterization. Even so, studies of internal structure and atmospheres have been largely restricted to the low-periastron distance regime due to the bias inherent in the geometric transit probability. Monitoring known radial velocity planets at predicted transit times is a proven method of detecting transits, and presents an avenue through which to explore the mass-radius relationship of exoplanets at long periods around bright host stars. Here we present new results from the Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey (TERMS) which provide greater insight into the dynamics of several interesting exosystems.