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Program #: 514
Presentation: Alzheimer Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies
Location: Hall D
Presentation time: Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012, 10:00 AM -11:10 AM
Speaker: *L. MUCKE;
Gladstone Inst. of Neurolog. Dis., Univ. of California - San Francisco, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease poses enormous medical and socioeconomic problems. It also raises fascinating neuroscientific questions about the mechanisms by which diverse molecules cause synaptic, network, and cognitive dysfunction. Several mechanisms will be discussed, including abnormal shifts in the activation of specific glutamate receptors and impairments of interneurons that regulate oscillatory network activity. The lecture highlights how novel mechanistic insights may be translated into better treatments to prevent, halt and reverse this devastating condition.
Disclosures:   L. Mucke: Research Grant; Research grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb. Consultant/Advisory Board; AgeneBio (SAB member), iPierian (SAB member), Link Medicine (Consultant), MPM Capital (Consultant), Neuropore Therapies (SAB member), Pfizer (Consultant), ProBiodrug (SAB member), Sanofi Aventis (Consultant), Summer Street Research Partners (Consultant). Other; Esai (Lecturer), Takeda (Lecturer).
Support: NIH AG011385
NIH AG022074
NIH NS041787
[Authors]. [Abstract Title]. Program No. XXX.XX. 2012 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. New Orleans, LA: Society for Neuroscience, 2012. Online.

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