Presentation Abstract

Presentation Number 340.28
Presentation Time: Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011, 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Title A Study of the LkHa233 Group
Author Block Abigail Peltier1, K. N. Allers1, M. C. Liu2
1Bucknell University, 2University of Hawai'i.
Abstract We present the results of a near IR spectroscopic survey of the LkHα233 group, which are some of the youngest stars in the Lacerta OB association. The sample was selected by choosing stars in the region that had signatures of substantial Hα emission. Spectral types were then determined by comparing our spectra to optically classified young TWA stars and field dwarfs. Three of the stars in the sample show large Paβ and Brγ emission lines and the calculated accretion rates for the sample agree with the accretion rates of other young stars of similar masses. The ages of the stars were determined to be around 3-4 Myr. The three stars in our sample have masses ranging from 1.2-1.9 solar masses, compared to only one known low-mass source, which indicates a possible overabundance of intermediate-mass stars. Because there are indications that the stars in this region are products of triggered star formation, it is interesting to learn if the IMF is actually different in this region or if our method of sample selection was biased towards finding intermediate-mass stars. We are currently pursuing a follow up effort to find any low mass members of the group.