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Presentation Number 348.01
Presentation Time: Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012, 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Title Science Literacy and Research: Making Connections Using Kepler Data
Author Block Stacy DeVeau1, J. Blackwell2, D. Edwards3, D. Ciardi4, S. Howell5
1Arizona NASA Educator Resource Center, 2Phillips Exeter Academy, 3Sherando High School, 4California Institute of Technology, 5NASA Ames Research Center.
Abstract Results of and future plans for education-related components related to educator participation in the NASA/IPAC 2011 Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) are presented. NITARP engages both formal and informal educators in conducting authentic science research utilizing publicly available Kepler Mission data sets under the direction of scientists. This team's research entailed the analysis of stellar light curves, comparing periodicity and temperature from a sample of 250 known variable stars, to determine their characteristics using light curves, power spectra, and phased-plot diagrams. Participating educators shared their research experiences with students, educators, and the public in a variety of ways. Additionally, students were directly involved in the research project, providing additional insights into how science research is conducted. Education activities related to the science research are presented. This program provides educators, students, and the public at large, insight into the world of authentic science research while providing avenues to support science education. Linking the learning of science to the doing of science promotes true science literacy of students and the public. An understanding of the nature of science is vital to promoting the science literacy of civilization.