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Program#/Poster#: 729.13/ZZ8
Presentation Title: Periodic bands are the building blocks of locational firing in the Parahippocampal Formation
Location: Hall A-C
Presentation time: Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Authors: *J. KRUPIC1,2, N. BURGESS3, J. O'KEEFE2;
1London, United Kingdom; 2Cell and Developmental Biol., 3Inst. of Cognitive Neuroscience, Inst. of Neurol., Univ. Col. London, London, United Kingdom
Abstract: Grid cells fire in multiple places forming a symmetrical triangular array tessellating the entire environment. Several models predict that grid cells are formed from cells with band-like firing patterns. Here we describe locational cells in the dorsal Parasubiculum whose spatial firing patterns appear to be formed from the superposition of one, two or three periodic bands. We applied two-dimensional Fourier spectral analysis to identify the cells with stable spatial regularity and showed that grid cells could be described by three different spatial Fourier components oriented at 60 degrees from each other (Fig. 1.b.). Other spatially regular cells could be adequately described by fewer components. Importantly a group of cells was described by a single dominant component and their pattern closely resembled the predicted band cells (Fig. 1.a.). In addition there were a number of cells which could be described by two main components. Although all cells had stable firing fields across trials the degree of stability increased with the number of Fourier components. For a small number of cells with otherwise stable fields the cell firing pattern changed from grid-like to band-like and this was reflected in a shift from three to one principal Fourier components. The orientations of the Fourier components were similar across many of the spatially regular cells from the same animal. These findings suggest that the firing fields of stable locational cells were derived from a common set of band-like building blocks.
Disclosures:  J. Krupic: None. N. Burgess: None. J. O'Keefe: None.
Grid Cell
Band Cell
Support: EPSRC CoMPLEX to JK
Wellcome Trust Grant 082507/Z/07/Z
EU SpaceBrain Grant
MRC Senior Research Fellowship to NB
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