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Presentation Number 135.01
Presentation Time: Monday, Jan 09, 2012, 2:00 PM - 2:10 PM
Title Weak Lensing Tomography with Galaxy Clusters in the SDSS Stripe 82 Coadd
Author Block Melanie Simet1, J. M. Kubo2, S. Dodelson1, J. T. Annis2, J. Hao2, D. Johnston2, H. Lin2, R. R. R. Reis3, M. Soares-Santos2, H. Seo4
1The University of Chicago, 2Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, 3Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4University of California, Berkeley.
Abstract To achieve good depth and coverage, many future surveys will rely on coadded data, where the same region is observed multiple times and the images combined to increase signal and reduce systematics. We look at weak gravitational lensing around optically-selected galaxy clusters in Stripe 82 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a 270 square degree region of coadded data which is roughly 2 magnitudes deeper than the main SDSS survey. We analyze the stripe in two ways: cluster mass cross-correlation, where we calibrate the relationship between mass and observed richness, and tomography, where we observe that closer galaxies are sheared less than those farther away. The mass-richness relationship we obtain is consistent with other weak lensing results. This confirms that the coaddition process did not degrade the lensing signal. We also parameterize the change in lensing signal with redshift. Using this parameterization, we show that the redshift-distance relationship can be observed, demonstrating that, with further data, weak lensing around clusters can be used to constrain cosmological models.