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Program#/Poster#: 286.13/SS9
Presentation Title: Selective optical drive of the thalamic reticular nucleus generates thalamocortical bursting and neocortical spindle oscillations
Location: Hall A-C
Presentation time: Sunday, Nov 13, 2011, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Authors: *M. M. HALASSA1,2, J. H. SIEGLE2, J. RITT3, J. TING2, G. FENG2, C. I. MOORE2;
1Dept. of Psychiatry, Massachusetts Gen. Hosp., Cambridge, MA; 2Brain and Cognitive Sci., MIT, Cambridge, MA; 3Biomed. Engin., Boston Univ., Boston, MA
Abstract: Thalamocortical firing patterns regulate sensory processing and behavioral state. The thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN) is thought to influence thalamocortical firing, yet causal demonstration of this hypothesized role, and its association with behavioral state, are unknown. Using a transgenic animal with channelrhodopsin-2 expression enriched in TRN and custom implants optimized for multi-electrode recording and optical delivery in behaving mice, we found that brief drive of TRN switched thalamocortical firing mode from tonic to bursting. This selective optical drive also generated neocortical spindle oscillations, the induction of which depended strongly on behavioral state. These findings provide key causal support for the function of TRN in vivo and introduce a new model for addressing the role of this structure in behavior
Disclosures:  M.M. Halassa: None. J.H. Siegle: None. J. Ritt: None. J. Ting: None. G. Feng: None. C.I. Moore: None.
Support: 5-R01-NS045130-06
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